COVID-19 Update: CIU Ensures Remote Access to Interpreters

Remote Telephone Interpreting and Interpreters


Certified Interpreters United, with the help of their interpreters and translators, will ensure that global and local businesses will have access to interpreting and translation services during travel bans and growing health concerns.

As global concerns increase among the outbreak of COVID-19, Certified Interpreters United is here to assist our communities, businesses, government entities, and local neighborhoods with interpreting and translation needs.

During this public health crisis, if a business is struggling to meet the demands needed, Certified Interpreters United (CIU) is here to help.

CIU interpreters are available seven days a week and 24 hours a day over the phone and video access for professionals and communities.

CIU provides an 800 number and a special access code, by which an individual is immediately connected with a language expert. This will assist businesses and communities in meeting their needs in breaking down and overcoming the language barrier while complying with social distancing recommendations to limit the spread of germs.

CIU offers a complete range of foreign language services, including:


  • Close and secure and high tech platform for remote interpreting
  • Foreign language interpretation services for large and small conferences, shows, meetings, tours, and health care settings
  • On-demand telephone interpreting round the clock


  • On line websites, social media content, and technology
  • Print: legal documents, manuals, books, reports, marketing material, HR materials and more
  • Localization to ensure that the content and language of your material is getting the message across to your specific audience in international markets. Includes website localization video game localization software localization print, video, marketing content, audio, and voiceovers
  • Video production for foreign language, marketing sub titling voiceovers

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