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Our network of Certified Interpreters lives mainly in the Northern Ohio region and throughout the state. Certified Interpreters United (CIU) was founded by Roxane King, a certified judicial Spanish interpreter committed to advocating for the integrity and understanding of this very skilled, specialized and demanding profession, through education, training, technology and providing quality judicial and certified interpreting leadership with integrity in the assistance of administration of justice.

With over ten years of interpreting experience in a multitude of legal areas, Ms. King has worked both in the California and Ohio court systems. She and her colleagues in Ohio have gathered as a stellar network of certified interpreters who live in the Northern region. Together Ms. King and her core group believe that:

“As Certified Judicial Interpreters and Officers of the Court, we have an ethical obligation and a duty to protect the record, bound and under oath as neutral parties. As such, and by adhering to all ethical standards and maintaining high quality of personal and professional conduct that apply to our profession we serve and assist the Court in carrying out due process.

We, as members of a learned profession, are dedicated to public service and strive to promote public confidence in the administration of justice.”

Roxane King

Interpreting & Translation Services


We have the right judicial certified interpreters to provide quality interpreting and translation services to the courts.

Roxane King

Roxane King


Roxane King is an Ohio Supreme Court Certified interpreter with over 18 years of experience. Her primary roles include operating CIU, managing independent contractors, coordinating schedules, and corresponding with clients.
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Our Guiding Principles

We, the members of Certified Interpreters United, embrace and operate the business we have created by these inherent principles of certification, quality, innovation and professionalism. Read more…

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