Roxane J. King


CA & OH State Courts Judicial Certified Spanish Interpreter

Roxane was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, spent some of her childhood in California, and later returned to Spain to finish her schooling. Exposed to various languages all of her life, interpreting was always her passion and she initiated her career as a tour guide interpreter in Madrid while pursuing her studies, and subsequently as an interpreter for the Spanish legal system. Upon her return to the United States she studied, trained, and completed her degree at the Southern California School of Interpretation at Santa Fe Springs, California under the guidance of Professor Nestor Wagner.

Roxane got her start in the Los Angeles court system in 2006 at all levels: legal, trial, depositions, arbitrations, witness interviews, expert witness testimony, hearings and resolutions. She has a full understanding of trial execution, what the courts require in many states during legal proceedings, including practical considerations and tasks of court interpreting from the initiation of project launching, rapid team workshop preparation, pre-trial set-up, trial execution and post-trial support.

Roxane has expanded Certified Interpreters United’s services to now include interpretation and translation services for all of your needs. This includes providing consulting, conference interpreters, and interpreting equipment for event managers and organizers of all types of events and conferences, translation services, and market localization and cultural consulting services.

Roxane leads the group of Certified Interpreters United as a nucleus of trained, skilled court certified interpreters and believes that,

“As Certified Judicial Interpreters and Officers of the Court, we have an ethical obligation and a duty to protect the record, bound and under oath as neutral parties. As such, and by adhering to all ethical standards and maintaining high quality of personal and professional conduct that apply to our profession we serve and assist the Court in carrying out due process.

We, as members of a learned profession, are dedicated to public service and strive to promote public confidence in the administration of justice.”

Roxane is an active member of the CCIO, National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT), as well as the American Translators Association (ATA).

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