Our Guiding Principles


The members of Certified Interpreters United embrace and operate the business we have created by these inherent principles, which make us unique:

  • Certification
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
CIU's Guiding Principles


Our goal is to provide Supreme Court Certified Interpreters for every request we receive. Our certified, experienced, highly-qualified judicial interpreters and translators are the best in the region, committed to the courts and the opportunity to meet court requests. In order to provide the most perfect match for our services requested, we reach out through our extended network to find the right language specialist, never compromising quality over cost. We are constantly expanding our network of certified judicial interpreters to meet the needs of the Ohio courts.



Quality is our highest priority. Our judicial interpreters are all Ohio Supreme Court Certified and approved, screened and tested by the National Consortium. Each of us meet the high standards and guidelines of performance set for judicial interpreters and maintain life-long continuing education.

CIU carries out high-quality, monthly score-card performance audits of mutually defined goals and objectives, collaborating on continuous improvements and innovation of our interpreters. “The voice of the customer” as expressed through customer survey is our priority to help drive improvements.


We use the most advanced and innovated audio technical and digital equipment for premium quality audio. This approach to complex trials helps guarantee efficiency and quality in our delivery. Each interpreter is state certified and is trained in our technology and unique method.


As Judicial Certified Interpreters and Impartial Officers of the Court, it is our duty and ethical obligation to protect the record, bound and under oath as neutral parties in serving and assisting the courts in carrying out due process. As such, we adhere to all ethical standards and maintain the highest quality of personal and professional conduct. We Judicial Certified Interpreters are highly-skilled and disciplined members of a challenging profession and are dedicated to public service as we strive to promote public confidence in the administration of justice.

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