Conference Interpreters & Interpreting Services


We provide consulting, interpreters, and interpreting equipment for event managers and organizers of all types of events and conferences.

Certified Interpreters United (CIU) provides interpreting services for all of your needs.

Our conference interpreters ensure that you will receive only the highest standard of conference interpreting.

The CIU team consists of talented, highly experienced conference interpreters of specialty selected languages in the USA and worldwide. We provide premier business conference interpretation and translation service for major corporations and organizations. Our conference interpreters provide superior quality of interpreting and translating services even across the most complex technical topics. Subject specialist conference interpreters are available for your individual needs.

Aside from being incredibly experienced, our conference interpreters conduct thorough research and preparation prior to their assignment to keep up with the current trends of the issues at hand to guarantee that communication is clear and precise.

Conference equipment rental options and full range simultaneous interpretation are available as well.

Modes of Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is a running rendition of everything said in the source language into the target language. Simultaneous interpreting requires that interpreters listen and speak almost concurrently with the primary speaker whose words are being translated.

Consecutive interpreting is the “question and answer” mode in which the speaker completes a statement and the interpreter begins to interpret after the statement is completed.

Interpreters and Interpreting Services

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CIU Event and Conference Interpreters

Our conference interpreters ensure that you will receive only the highest standard of conference interpreting.

All of our interpreters have a mastery of at least two languages. They are professional individuals possessing specialized knowledge and adhere to a code of ethics. They demonstrate their mastery of skills after years of study and training through a licensing and certification process.

CIU conference interpreters possess excellent skills in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, extensive knowledge of different industries terminology, vocabularies in question and mental and physical stamina that consist of complex mental tasks, mental perception, storage, retrieval and generation.

Our interpreters’ skills go far beyond that of bilingualism. CIU professionals have a fluent command of both languages, they comply with the Code of Professional Conduct for Interpreters and Translators, are trained in conference interpreting and deliver a smooth message for your listeners even under the most complex subjects or speakers.

First Time Event?

We love assisting event managers to make sure they have everything they need so the interpreting portion of their conference or event goes smoothly!

Some people call those who provide this consultant interpreters. We just call it good service!

Don’t take the risk of trying to figure this out on your own.

CIU will provide an onsite consultation free of charge to plan out your conference needs.

CIU rents out the latest up to date wireless simultaneous interpretation equipment needs for your conferences, business events, meetings, and helps set up interpreters and audio.

We provide full service of interpreters, equipment and logistics all in one package for excellent success for your conference.


Interpreters with business specific knowledge, premier business conference interpretation and translation service for major corporations and organizations.


Certified and specialized interpreters trained for medical content for hospitals, conferences and trainings.


Court state and federally certified interpreters for government agencies for witness preparation, proffers, transcriptions/translations, federal bankruptcy court cases exams and interviews, etc.


Court state and federally certified and highly experienced interpreters in court, trial, depositions. Local interpreter teams for foreign law firms or multinational litigation law practices covering intellectual property, foreign trade, mining, hazardous material, Certified Legal transcribers and translators, interpreting services in divorce, child support, international child abduction, immigration proceedings and interviews, and others.


Interpretation and translation services for schools and universities, professional and vocational trainings in foreign languages to English, and executive training programs.


Community meetings and events where information needs to be delivered to a group concerning issues such as real estate development, property taxes, public domain, social programs, health hazards or other issues related to a community.

Conference Interpreters for All Types of Events Including:

  • Conferences
  • International Events
  • Small Business Meetings
  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Discussion Panels
  • Focus Groups
  • Trainings
  • Conventions
  • Expositions
  • SimulCast/Broadcast
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Tourism
  • Foreign Investment
  • Guided Tours
  • Film Festivals
  • Press Releases
  • Expositions
  • Social Events
  • Culture and Art Associations and Museums
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Political Events and Campaigns
  • Radio and TV News
  • University Events
  • Keynote
  • Film Festivals
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Environmental and Global Climate Change
  • Sports Events
  • Military
  • Marine Biology

Escort Interpreters for Events & Tour Guide Interpreters:

CIU can deliver consecutive and simultaneous interpretation between many languages and English. CIU provides escort interpreters (also referred to as travel interpreters or escorting interpreters) as needed for your business meetings and talks. These interpreters will accompany you to your meetings. We also offer consecutive and simultaneous tour guide interpreters.

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